Why some games create such an unforgettable impression

Witcher 3 – why was it more than just a game? It was the prerequisite for the Netflix show. Pokemon games – why did they spawn a whole franchise of merchandise, TV shows, and more? In this article, I will dissect what makes a game have that sacred "emotional connect" for most of the people who play them.

  • Gungrave is another game which ended up creating a fine anime adaptation. You may want to check it out. – RedFlame2000 3 years ago
  • Some games definitely leave a long-lasting impression on me. A key franchise for me is the Xenoblade Chronicles games, especially the first and second games. It took me a month for the second game after playing it every day, and almost a year for the first game. Because it took me quite a while, I truly felt like I was traveling and adventuring with these characters that I grew to love. The story also really brought that out, as I always reached a new plot point with each sitting, or met a charming new character. Those games still sit at the top of the lists of my favorite games, and it would be hard for me to forget any aspect of them. – Max 3 years ago
  • I have written the article with your feedback in mind, do check! – Abhimanyu Shekhar 2 years ago

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