Why We Need a Little bit of Cinderella in our Lives

With the recent release of Disney’s live animated feature of Cinderella, it has been receiving much backlash for its portrayal of Cinderella as someone who needs a man to save her or a girl who has such a tiny waist that it can’t be humanly matched. I would love to explore how despite all these comments, that in some way may make sense, the idea of Cinderella as it has always been, is to make our a lives a little bit happier and magical. In a sense, I understand, that I may never meet a prince who forces the whole kingdom to search for me or a have a fairy godmother, but the point is that we should just be able to enjoy a nice movie about pure love that opens a door to wonders and imagination.

  • As much as I think it's incredibly important for little girls to have movies like Frozen, where there are female characters who aren't primarily concerned with finding a man, I think it's also ok for there to be romance in films, especially if it's based on a classic fairytale! Fairytales always have a romance! As long as the romance is healthy in the story, and as long as there are other films for young girls that include independent female role models, I don't see any problem in there being a man involved. I think drawing attention to this and acknowledging we can still appreciate Cinderella is a great idea. – Felicia 8 years ago
  • It is important to remember that it is just a show. I do understand what critics are trying to elude to but it is also important not to take away that innocence and hope from children. I think this article will be good if it is written from the sense that your childhood is meant to be a fairytale filled with dreams. – Lala 8 years ago

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