Will murder mysteries ever die?

Discuss the question of whether or not the murder mystery genre will ever expire. The earliest works of detective fiction were published in Victorian England, with Wilkie Collins The Moonstone and Dickens’ Bleak House often cited as early examples. Now in 2022, crime fiction is still a thriving genre, and countless TV series could be loosely classed as murder mysteries, whether they have a comic element, or a dramatic noir stylings. But what is it about a ‘good murder’ that is so appealing, and will the genre ever die out?

  • Murder and more broadly crime has been a topic of fascination from the dawn of civilization, incidentally. There are records of court cases on papyrus from Ancient Egypt from nearly 4000 years ago that continue to fascinate. – J.D. Jankowski 4 weeks ago
  • Whether they admit or not, humans are drawn to stories of murder. The only thing that may hurt murder mysteries is cheesiness. Yet, it won't destroy the genre. Likewise, it gives people a chance to put on their psychologist hat and analyze people. – Montayj79 3 weeks ago

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