Women in modern movies

Why are women still pigeon holed into certain archetypes? Why must a woman be ‘sexy’ in order to be relevant to the story-line? Why is the role of a woman limited to that of a ‘side-kick’ or treated like an afterthought when we all know women can be complex and complicated and badass without breaking a pristine, manicured nail?

  • This is a very interesting topic! I guess this mentality is derived from stereotypes i.e in films the male has to be the strong hero while the woman has to be the one to be saved, the one who is always a damsel in distress. However, we all know that women can be just as bad ass as men can maybe even more so as you said. It could also be because society is used to the woman having the limited role, some may think 'oh the man should be saving those children not the woman'. We are so used to seeing men be the hero that we forget women even exist and that women have as much potential as men do. It is unfortunate, and now I am thinking ways in which we can change this stereotype and ideology. No one likes change, maybe the film industry is afraid of that? afraid they would lose audience if they change things up... – claraaa 5 years ago
  • I mean...there are tons of counterexamples, many of them not so recent. Not an entirely invalid point, but kind of antiquated, I'd say. Everyone in the types of movies you seem to be referencing is a stereotype, it tends to comfort the reader. If you want more women in movies to be complex (also, what genre are you addressing, because this doesn't seem to apply to 85% of them) go watch better movies... Women have to be sexy? Nightcrawler, Logan, What We Do in the Shadows, The War Room....and those are just the few I've seen recently. – m-cubed 5 years ago
  • It would be good to also include the recent 'Wonder Woman' in your analysis. – Vishnu Unnithan 5 years ago

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