Wonder Woman 2017. Why so long?

Wonder Woman has been one of the most well-known DC superheros almost since her creation in 1941 and definitely since her 1970’s TV series. So why has it taken so long for our most beloved hero to make it to the big screen? Let’s take a step closer here and look at what it takes to make a movie and a good one at that. Perhaps the fact that she is such an important character is why it took so long. Or should we be looking more closely at Hollywood itself and ask why they’ve made over ten Batman films and over ten Superman films and only one Wonder Woman film? Is this another case of sexism in the film industry or the opposite, was she too important to get wrong like some of the other superhero films that have let down fans.

  • It's very clearly a gender thing. When Marvel came out with the first projection for the Marvel Universe movies (I think it was around 2013 - 2014??) people were stunned that every single movie was either a team-up or a male title movie, with zero female titles. They were put under enormous pressure, and the result has been *one* female title. The role between studios, producers and writers and directors would definitely come into this too. The people who own the rights and fund the films are very frequently the ones slamming the door in the face of diversity. In any case, this would probably be a fairly short article. – smoldoggo 5 years ago
  • See, in Nolan land, like with Lois lane, they don't like to use brunettes if they don't absolutely have to. – Antonius865 5 years ago
  • Gender most likely plays a role, but I think profitability and economics is the main contributor. Who is the target audience of superhero movies? What would be the most profitable in reaching that target audience? Would a female superhero be the cause of more public scrutiny than a male superhero, from both feminist and non-feminist commentators? – AaronJRobert 5 years ago
  • As the others have mentioned, a huge factor of it's delayed appearance was probably due to gender. However, I can't also help but feel that the prevalence of the "dark and gritty hero story" in recent trends also helped set Wonder Woman back a few years. Wonder Woman herself represents values and ideals that tend to clash with the grungier type of hero story that tended to dominate the movie market. – eugeneleec 5 years ago

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