Existentialist shenanigans in Woody Allen films

A detailed analysis of the existentialist nature of films by Woody Allen. It’s pretty interesting how many of his films challenge contemporary societal issues through existentialist ideologies. This article could be a break down of his various films and the manner in which they explore ideas relating to existence and the meaning of life, often in a comical manner. From Bananas to Annie Hall to the more recent Cafe Society, Woody Allen films are typically incredibly humorous whilst also a great insight into the meaninglessness of life. What you all think?

  • I would love it if someone explained Woody Allen. I have never gotten the appeal. – Munjeera 5 years ago
  • Perhaps a disclaimer could be written to focus on the movies only and not his personal life. I was never a fan and his point often escaped me anyway. – Munjeera 5 years ago
  • That's a good point Munjeera! I feel like often the point of his films can go over your head. They're not necessarily supposed to be extremely thought-provoking or anything (excluding Interiors and a few others) but they still have that reoccurring theme of existentialism which I personally quite enjoy and find very interesting. – ninaphillips27 5 years ago
  • I take great interest in revisiting the past works of screenwriting. I felt the same way about Robin Williams; could never really engage with his early comic charades, his escapades into worlds of fantasy, and finally his masterpieces: Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting. All the pieces of that literary puzzle eventually came to light. Robins and Allen teach us that life is as jovial as it is entrenched in trivial matters--much ado about nothing--if I may. – lofreire 5 years ago
  • His films certainly have a cynical overture too them, this article could reveal the intimidation of existentialism and that it often leads to pessimism. – Iliasbakalla 5 years ago

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