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Wordsworth and Lao Tzu, Love of Nature

Who here can tell me the similarities of Wordsworth’s Romanticism and Lao Tzu’s Daoism. Reveal the similarities between the two and how they relate to environmentalism today.

  • This has gotten me very intrigued. I've become more and more interested in drawing connections between Romantic and Victorian literature and Eastern philosophy, and this topic would be an ideal place to start. I could also envision this topic applying to Coleridge. There could certainly be lessons drawn about environmentalism, but I would also perhaps be more interested in focusing on nature as a pathway to mindfulness and meditation, poetry as a form of meditation, etc. For environmentalism, it would make more sense to look at works like "Walden." So perhaps I could look at Wordsworth or Coleridge and Daoism, with an emphasis more on how Eastern philosophical thought has had and can continue to have great impact on Western thought, art, and society. I hopefully will be back soon to snatch this topic. Thank you for the inspiration! – Rachel Watson 7 years ago

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