World War I Through the Eyes of Wonder Woman (2017)

How does the latest Wonder Woman film portray World War I and the physical/emotional effects it had on the soldiers and/or civilians. Also worth exploring is Diana Prince’s/Wonder Woman’s character development as she struggles to hold onto her ideals amid the horrors of the trenches, mustard gas, and the moral ambiguity of humanity.

  • This is an awesome topic! I saw wonder woman yesterday and found the use of the WWI setting very intriguing. It is a crucial aspect of the film and Wonder Woman's emotional and moral growth/development. – Sean Gadus 6 years ago
  • This is a good topic, but its two instead one. Maybe make it a little bit more specific: choose character development or World WarI, as these are both very different topics. Maybe be could fuse it by saying how struggles such as war develops strong character as in Wonder Woman. – birdienumnum17 6 years ago
  • I like these ideas, although I tend to agree that the stronger topic here would be Diana's character development, especially as she is such a mix of innocence and power. I think it could also be interesting to explore her empowerment and how that is juxtaposed with the suffragette era briefly alluded to in the film. – HoldenSheppard 6 years ago
  • I like this topic! One thing to consider might be how Wonder Woman views the causes of World War I. – Ben Hufbauer 6 years ago

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