Would Hollywood Ever Market an Experimental Film?

Or have they already? Experimental film techniques often show up in advertising and film. Would Hollywood ever market an experimental film in its own right? This decade’s "Meshes of the Afternoon," "A Movie," or "Entr’acte" might not have a home in Hollywood, but could they? Would their exclusion be less to do with profit margins and more due to the online success experimental films have now? Are experimental films viable as a market to begin with? Should they be?

  • This topic would be interesting to read about, and could touch on a lot of issues about experimental film. For example, which editing, production processes, etc. that originated in experimental film before hitting mainstream Hollywood films? How does the expense of an increasingly digital experimental film industry affect independent cinemas that would show experimental films but cannot always afford to purchase digital or 3D projectors? – Marcie Waters 7 years ago
  • I shure hope not! "Art" and mass media of the 21st century already deceived and alienated enough audiences without combining them. – LuizRosa 7 years ago
  • I believe it will happen eventually. Look into experimental animation techniques. At some point a studio will pounce on a "new" (but tested) experimental form of animation. – LukeRMcLaughlin 7 years ago

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