Writing in Print vs. Digital

I have learned that there are differences between writing in print and writing for the screen, and that the way we read isn’t the same. Is this true, and to what extent? Is this something that will eventually disappear as time goes on, and generations become more and more naturalized to technology?

Another important thing to discuss for this topic would be the value of each method. Is digital more valuable simply because of the technology movement? Or will print always have its own place?

As someone who still writes down all of their notes and to do lists on paper, keeping a paper calendar organizer instead of using a digital one on my phone, I see print as holding a place for quite some time to come.

Afterall, I see the increase in technology eventually translating over to fewer and fewer jobs available to humans, and print is falling to the wayside the same way we are. Saving print might mean saving ourselves.

What do you think? Take this topic in any direction you want.

  • The way I see it, a similar dilemma to bread making or buy it from the store ready made. Writing with paper and pencil is the all encompassing process of recording ideas for others to decipher. Composing for digital media is basically the entire publishing process compressed for the individual, in a more rapid and efficient manner; but, with many more bells and whistles. – L:Freire 5 years ago

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