Yandere Simulator: How It Has Garnered Interest

Yandere Simulator is an Indie Game that explores the yandere archetype, as the objective of the game is to kill all the love rivals before a certain date. It’s development has been documented via blogging, and many Youtubers have played and tested this game. However, this game can be seen as unethical, as the player can kill students with weapons, make them commit suicide, and use lewd photos to receive information. This article would go in-depth about why this game has garnered interest, and how documenting it’s development has generated such a wide audience.

  • I do believe that the hype which has carried Yandere Simulator through over two years of development is not simply due to its constant update, although granted, it has been helpful, but mainly because of its topic. There is something really crucial in discussing the topic of yandere as an archetype and the love it gets in the online communities. – Ewilan 6 years ago

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