A Look into the "Souls" Fanbase

A look into the culture that has sprung up around the "Souls" titles created by From Software. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest franchises to come out of the 7th generation, the Souls series has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Praised for its daunting difficulty, incredible atmosphere, and attention to detail, the Souls games have cemented themselves as one of the premier "cult" titles of the past generation.

Explore character, story gameplay, narrative etc

  • I've always wanted to know more about the lore surrounding Dark Souls. IT's all there if you look into the subtext, but I suppose I'm just too lazy to actively seek it out. I would love to read something like this, and maybe see some relation from the lore and how it effects the plot. – leydifwee 8 years ago
  • Great topic! One thing I noticed though was the difference between your title and your actual topic. You describe how you'd like to explore the characters and narrative of the Dark Souls games but didn't make a mention of the fanbase and those people and the culture surrounding these games like you mention at the top of the topic. I think I'd rather be reading an article giving possible explanations as to why Dark Souls has become so popular and such a well-renown game franchise. Why are people so attracted to it? What makes the game so interesting to gamers? What was From Software aiming for and does the community think they achieved it? Most importantly, who is a part of the community and why are these games so defining for this generation of games? I think that this kind of approach is what you intended but didn't word 100% correctly to the thoughts in your head. However, with what you've written here it sounds more like a walkthrough or lore explanation than anything else. – TheLegendofPie 8 years ago
  • I wrote an article that was an exploration of the lore hunting that souls fans do by going through a lore hunt of the Old Dragonslayer from Dark Souls 2, unfortunately due to my poor rating on my ratio for the website it was taken away from the pending section of the website. Im working to fix my ratio so that more poeple can read my article cuz the few comments I got about it before it was taken away were pretty positive. – Cojo 8 years ago

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