Young Justice Season 3: An Unexpected Return

Sam Register, President, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series recently announced that a third season of Young Justice, an abruptly cancelled animated television show that aired on Cartoon Network from 2010-2013 is currently in production. Fans have continued to show much support since its cancellation, fighting to revive the show, and Register acknowledged the fans "rallying cry for more episodes" in the press release. Recount the events of the first and second seasons of the show and explore why it had such a loyal fan following and garnered critical acclaim. Also, look into how fans reacted to the controversial cancellation and the events that led up to its unexpected return.

  • I would also add to the research of this topic how former superhero shows like Justice League, and Justice League: Unlimited, along with Teen Titans and its cancellation in late 2006 helped pave the path for Young Justice and its fan base. – Steven Gonzales 6 years ago
  • From a gendered standpoint, there was a lot of controversy from the network following cancellation due to poor toy sales and too many female viewers. Perhaps this is an angle an author would like to take when viewing this topic, particularly how female fans may have contributed to the return of the series. – SarahKnauf 5 years ago

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