Yuri, Yuri everywhere: the Popularity of Yuri Element in Nowadays Anime

While one of the authors has written a piece on yuri before on this site, that one was centered on yuri itself as a categorical genre in manga. For this one, I’m thinking about yuri elements that are becoming prevalent in anime.

It seems that anime emphasizing on the yuri element are on the rise, even if the anime itself is not a yuri anime: consider the cases of "LoveLive!", "Selector Infected WIXOSS", Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica", "The Idolmaster", just to name a few, where fans rather quickly ship certain female characters from the show, whether or not that is the intention of the show’s producers.

This article could go on to discuss when yuri element became prominent (or even essential, in some cases) in recent years. Then, it could explore why yuri is so popular among regular viewers, and could do a contrast with why yaoi is not as popular (unless as comic relief).

  • Definitely an interesting topic. I would also consider what audience these yuri elements are usually geared towards (and to consider if it's just pandering or if there is something about these elements that prove significant in the anime in terms of story and character development?). – CriticalOtaku 7 years ago
  • It would have ALOT to do with how females and males are portrayed and viewed in society, gender-roles and sexuality, sexism and also how lesbians are seen in the world. – uiorra 6 years ago

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