Zombies: The Undying Genre

By | Mar 1, 2015 | 2 comments

The zombie genre done over, and over again. But what is it about the genre that is so special?

Cinemas’ Angels: 4 Great Movie Heroes

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An examination of the courage, fortitude, patience, and grace as exemplified by these four cinematic heroes.

Thelma and Louise: The Language of Patriarchy

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"Watch Your Mouth!" A look at how language and voice reflect the patriarchy in the film Thelma and Louise.

Star Wars Episode VII: A New Plot Theory

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The teaser trailer for Episode VII offers many questions. Does the Extended Universe hold the answers?

The Grey: Battling Depression and Self-Worth

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This article discusses the 2012 film "The Grey" and how it deals with the themes of depression and death.

How Bridesmaids Set the New Standard for Women in Comedy

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Wiig and Mumolo brought wit to what could have easily been a wedding movie like any other.

Gender Expectations in British New Wave Cinema

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How British New Wave Cinema explored gender roles in 1960s society.

Multi-Part Films in Hollywood: When Profits Matter More than Storytelling

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Multi-part films are becoming a major trend in Hollywood, but are they a detriment to filmmaking and the moviegoing experience?