Writers can accumulate badges for various types of accomplishments.

There are four distinct classes of badges that can be earned; each has its conditions:

Regular Badges: rewarded when a user’s stat reaches a set value. For example: 5 revision entries.

Hybrid Badges: rewarded when multiple values of a user’s stat reach a set condition. For example: 10 featured articles and 25 total comments.

Category Badges: rewarded when a user’s category stats reaches a set value. Some badges are rewarded manually by moderators to users who make quality contributions to a category.

Special Badges: a variety of badges rewarded to users who either win special events or make special contributions to the platform.

As writers accumulate badges, the hardware will be prominently displayed on their profile.

Regular Badges

Articles Published
Plebian Penman3 Published Articles
Common Writer7 Published Articles
Aristocratic Author12 Published Articles
Noble Scribe20 Published Articles
Royalty45 Published Articles
Elite Essayist70 Published Articles
Centum Columnist (ultra)100 Published Articles
Global Correspondent (ultra)150 Published Articles
Juggernaut Journalist (ultra)200 Published Articles
External Comments
Lurker4 External Comments
Pssst10 External Comments
Hand Raiser25 External Comments
Vocal50 External Comments
Outspoken80 External Comments
Extrovert120 External Comments
Center of Attention200 External Comments
Forms a Crowd300 External Comments
On a Soapbox (ultra)500 External Comments
From the Mountain Tops (ultra)750 External Comments
The World Revolves Around Me (ultra)1000 External Comments
Revision Entries
Sharp-Eyed Citizen2 Revision Entries
Town Watch10 Revision Entries
Detective Deskman20 Revision Entries
Penman Patrol40 Revision Entries
Forensic Fiend120 Revision Entries
Lieutenant of Letters200 Revision Entries
Relentless Redactor300 Revision Entries
Unyielding Wordsmith (ultra)500 Revision Entries
Professional Proofreader (ultra)750 Revision Entries
Forseti (ultra)1000 Revision Entries

Hybrid Badges

Typographical Titan400 Revision Entries + 500 External Comments
Legendary Writer30 Featured Articles + 300 Revision Entries
Prolific Leader20 Featured Articles + 200 Revision Entries + 300 External Comments
Motivational Columnist10 Featured Articles + 100 Revision Entries + 350 Total Comments
Treasure Hunter10000 Total Points + 30 Featured Articles + 200 Revision Entries
Motherboard30 Published Articles + 30 Featured Articles + 30 Revision Entries + 30 External Comments
Heart of Japan5 Manga Articles + 5 Anime Articles + 5 Featured Articles + 25 Revision Entries + 70 Total Comments
Comic Strips5 Comics Articles + 2 Manga Articles + 4 Featured Articles + 15 Revision Entries + 50 Total Comments
Phi phenomenon4 Animation Articles + 2 Anime Articles + 3 Featured Articles + 10 Total Processed Articles + 60 Total Comments
Frame by Frame6 Film Articles + 4 TV Articles + 5 Featured Articles + 25 Total Processed Articles + 70 Total Comments
Projectorist10 Film Articles + 5 TV Articles + 10 Featured Articles + 50 Revision Entries + 85 Total Comments
Composition6 Literature Articles + 1 Writing Article + 4 Featured Articles + 15 Revision Entries + 65 Total Comments
Strategy3 Games Articles + 3 Featured Articles + 8 Revision Entries + 25 External Comments
Console7 Games Articles + 5 Featured Articles + 50 Revision Entries + 65 Total Comments
Pong10 Games Articles + 6 Featured Articles + 80 Total Processed Articles + 100 Total Comments
Flip book3 Arts Articles + 1 Animation Article + 1 Anime Article + 10 Revision Entries + 35 Total Comments
Storyboarder2 Arts Articles + 2 Film Articles + 2 Comics Articles + 15 Revision Entries + 60 Total Comments
Studio1 Arts Article + 1 Games Article + 1 Animation Article + 2 TV Articles + 3 Film Articles + 30 Revision Entries + 70 External Comments
Motion Picture12 Film Articles + 2 TV Articles + 6 Featured Articles + 30 Revision Entries + 150 External Comments
Meta Writer5 Writing Articles + 5 Literature Articles + 5 Featured Articles + 50 Revision Entries + 100 External Comments
Meta Critic7 Film Articles + 6 TV Articles + 3 Animation Articles + 12 Featured Articles + 90 Revision Entries + 200 Total Comments
Screener10 Film Articles + 8 TV Articles + 10 Featured Articles + 40 Revision Entries + 100 External Comments
Moving Images2 Film Articles + 2 TV Articles + 2 Animation Articles + 2 Anime Articles + 55 Revision Entries + 55 External Comments
Literary Art3 Literature Articles + 3 Arts Articles + 2 Writing Articles + 80 Revision Entries + 160 External Comments
Referencer10 Literature Articles + 2 Arts Articles + 1 Writing Article + 60 Revision Entries + 200 External Comments
The Source1 Article published in every category + 100 Revision Entries
The WisdomUnknown
The CommenterCollect all ultra labeled badges within the External Comments list of regular badges
The AuthorCollect all ultra labeled badges within the Articles Published list of regular badges
The EditorCollect all ultra labeled badges within the Revision Entries list of regular badges
The ArtificeCollect all ultra labeled badges

Category Badges

Actor3 Film Articles
Producer7 Film Articles
Director20 Film Articles
The OscarsRewarded manually by moderators
Successful Pilot3 TV Articles
Season-pass7 TV Articles
Show runner20 TV Articles
The EmmysRewarded manually by moderators
Animator3 Animation Articles
Animaniac7 Animation Articles
Saturday Morning Mogul20 Animation Articles
The CartoonistRewarded manually by moderators
Otaku3 Anime Articles
Japanophile7 Anime Articles
Animepedia20 Anime Articles
The Anime GuruRewarded manually by moderators
Kanji3 Manga Articles
Tankobon7 Manga Articles
Mangapedia20 Manga Articles
The Manga GuruRewarded manually by moderators
Fanboy3 Comics Articles
Sidekick7 Comics Articles
Superhero20 Comics Articles
The KryptoniteRewarded manually by moderators
8-bit Hero3 Games Articles
EVO Champion7 Games Articles
Pro Gamer20 Games Articles
The GamemasterRewarded manually by moderators
Well Read3 Literature Articles
Chaptered Mind7 Literature Articles
Bookophile20 Literature Articles
The CodexRewarded manually by moderators
Art Collector3 Arts Articles
Shakespearian7 Arts Articles
Renaissance Writer20 Arts Articles
The DancerRewarded manually by moderators
The JukeboxRewarded manually by moderators
The Set DesignerRewarded manually by moderators
The VocalistRewarded manually by moderators
The PhotographerRewarded manually by moderators
Punctuator3 Writing Articles
World Builder7 Writing Articles
Storyteller20 Writing Articles
The NovelistRewarded manually by moderators

Special Badges

Article of the Month
Article of the Year
Theme of the Month
Guide editor