10 Mature Moments in a Pixar Film

Movies aimed at younger audiences almost always get a bad reputation for being just for kids, but Pixar has proven that just because it is made for kids does not mean it has to be devoid of creativity or emotional depth, even if sometimes they can be more mature than they expected. For this list, I want to explore some of the most emotional, dark, touching, and mature moments that Pixar has presented in its 15-film catalog that were more complex than what is normally seen in kids’ films, and detail on why these moments are significant to both the movies themselves and their target audience.

  • I would have to say Toy Story 3 would make this list for the emotional and mature aspect. I know I had no intentions of crying while watching this film, nor did othe adults- so the author can determine what emotional strings were pulled for this Pixar film. – Venus Echos 7 years ago
  • The opening sequence in Up should probably be explored for this article, and Wall-E in general too (but I would say most Pixar films needs to be focused on for sure :) ) – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 7 years ago
  • In Monster's Inc., I've always considered the part when Mr. Waternoose is discovered to be behind a plot to kidnap children to help run the company. The movie is very sweet, but it does raise some interesting insight into how far companies are willing to go in order to make a profit. – Amanda Dominguez-Chio 7 years ago
  • The opening scene in Finding Nemo was pretty sad... when Merlin decided to raise Nemo on his own and be a single father. For Up, I think this movie should be explored because of the montage that Carl's wife can't give birth, which is why her death was really sad. Actually, why are most mature moments in Pixar sad? – YsabelGo 7 years ago

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