5 reasons School Rumble has maintained a strong fanbase and should be continued.

Explain the reasons why despite being discontinued after School Rumble Z, the School Rumble series has maintained a huge and steadily growing fanbase and why it should be continued.

  • I think this would need to be handled with some knowledge of the Japanese fanbase. Partly because, well the Japanese fanbase tends to trump the international demand when it comes to these decisions. And partly because the series hasn't even had later installments of the anime or the manga released in English. – LangsEnd 8 years ago
  • I honestly don't think it should be continued. Whilst I can't speak of the fanbase in general, School Rumble used up all its good ideas long before it ended and said ending itself (either anime or manga) was just a slap in the face. It's best to keep the good memories and move on to another project less it become like Family Guy. – Flawfinder 8 years ago

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