5 Times got Wrong

Any fiction that focuses on a certain kind of technical profession inevitably makes short-cuts and cinematic allowances that cause experts in the field to grimace — my mathematician friends didn’t want to watch NUMB3RS; the nurses I know won’t watch Grey’s Anatomy. This article would give examples of errors repeatedly made when portraying specific fields or professions.

This topic could actually be done as several different articles: say, 5 Shows that get Computers Wrong, and then a paragraph on each listing 2-3 commonly-occurring mistakes each show makes w/r/t to computers. (Like that trope about images being able to be refined until a fuzzy reflection in a window is a recognizable face, for instance.) Or the focus could be 5 medical dramas that repeatedly lean on bad medical procedures or tests.

Or from another angle, the focus could be on a specific show and abuses it makes w/r/t representing its field — 5 Times The Big Bang Theory got Physics Wrong, for example.

  • I was chatting to some medic friends the other day and they said Scrubs was fairly consistent on an accurate portrayal :) some food for thought! – Camille Brouard 9 years ago

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