A Guide to start reading Marvel Comics; Where to Start?

For someone who’s just joining the comic scene and has no idea where to start when faced with the vast collection of Marvel Comics. The article should be more of a list on where the person can start, what can be skipped (if anything can be), and what is essential.

  • I, for sure, think it's personal preference. Depends on what the person wants to read because there is a vast spectrum full of comics that one CAN start with. I like the topic a lot, I'm just sitting here like "where does one start?" I kind of just picked up a comic book, and started reading. I was very into Aquaman when I started, but he doesn't really have a list or anything. He's basically a character by himself, so I didn't have much to go off of other than Justice League probably. But, the thing about comics is none can be necessarily "skipped" you just don't read them, there's not an order you read them in, so the topic would be kind of difficult on that aspect. Just personally. It's not like the TV shows. They have spin-off and crossover comics, but you don't have to read them in an order unless you wanted to. I would just choose something you like first--if Avengers looks appealing read that and then read the iron man, cap, loki, thor, etc., comics for each character. I guess that could work, explaining Avengers comics and then the character comics that Avengers derived from. So, the order of reading certain comics to get to Civil War would be interesting. There's comics you should read before getting to Civil War, there's a bunch of crossovers and spin-offs. I really like this topic, though, never really gave too much thought about it because I just tell my friends specific ones to read like Deadpool and Iron Man etc. :) – scole 9 years ago
  • Personal preference will always come into it, although I think this is still a great topic. A couple of different comic books could be highlighted from a variety of characters/stories. – Jordan 9 years ago
  • Possibly mention the Ultimate Universe, as it was created to be a jumping on point for new readers at the start of the millennium. – IanMcKinzey 9 years ago
  • on this one, it would be kind of cool to see different generations; such as, millennials and where they should start compared to the generation after and "all-new" was aimed towards them and etc., – scole 8 years ago

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