A New Type of Hero? The Prisoner Archetype in the Elder Scrolls

Throughout literature and games studies there have been many kinds of heroes (such as the Romantic hero and its offset the Byronic hero) and different hero archetypes (the unwilling hero, the anti-hero, etc.) However, amongst these categories for characterization, has Bethesda in its Elder Scrolls Series created a new heroic archetype? With the start of every game, the player starts off as a prisoner of unknown cause. By the completion of the main quest line, they are renowned as a hero for the ages: (The Agent, The Nerevarine, The Hero of Kavatch, The Dragonborn, etc.). Analyze the significance of "the prisoner" archetype as the starter for all major heroes in the Elder Scrolls Universe.

A great place to start in terms of research would be the Elder Scrolls podcast: Written In Uncertainty which deals with the metaphysical aspects of the Elder Scrolls. Episode 10 talks about this while listing in-game and real-world sources that would be of great value to consider. Other areas of research good include looking at the moral ambiguity players can embody and whether these correspond with existing archetypes.

  • Would recommend that Pamela Marie considers some of the most successful intro mods that have been introduced into the Skyrim game. Also, consider the different archetypes available in the Elder Scrolls universe. Why can't we be a ruler? A deposed ruler? A father who lost his son (LOL Fallout)? A brother? A War Veteran? Obviously the construction of giving us a backstory is that we ourselves cannot reimagine one, which ruins multiple playthroughs, but I totally agree that it would be nice got Bestheda to reimagine its start. It's with discussions like these that I wish more games adopted the Dragon Age Origins approach of six different origin stories. Man, Bioware were dedicated back then.😢 – andrewherlinger42 5 years ago

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