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A presentation of Michael Cunningham's "The Hours": Metafiction

An article covering Michael Cunnigham’s novel The Hours , and its subsequent adaptation into a film.

In a sense it could be a review article, but I feel there is a lot of groundwork for this i.e how realistic is the potrayal of Virginia Woolf. (does this matter?) 3. The role of the novel Mrs. Dalloway in fiction – metafiction (fictional analysis of fiction)
(The phrase presentation, rather than comparison is used)

  • I wanted to write about this for my Film and Literature course but I got a little bit confused as to how to approach it, as I can imagine you are. Namely because its focus on three women is exciting but also complex. Perhaps it may be useful to create or highlight the connections between the three characters and address how these are translated on the film? – Aliya Gulamani 9 years ago
  • yes exactly, there is a lot to cover. I put metafiction in the title because I was thinking of maybe focusing on the role of the book 'Mrs. Dalloway' in The Hours, and then any other analysis that emerges. Perhaps splitting it into a two , or even three piece article. – Yama144 9 years ago
  • That's definitely possible. I really like the sound of this. I think the metafiction angle would be a lovely way to approach the book and take apart its complex structure. – Aliya Gulamani 9 years ago

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