Adaptation of classics

As we return to classical literature (and other mediums) repeatedly, I believe it will be an interesting study to examine how adaptations change/rediscover/counters/etc the classical narratives

  • I completely agree, through my undergrad we have been returning to the countless classics. It is interesting to read them now as they often resonate as strongly if not more so now. The fact that interpretations change over time shows us there is no single point of interpreting these great books (or other mediums). What rich , at least to me, is how many other places we can take the text, beyond its desired meaning. – Coltrane93 9 years ago
  • And what is the deal with adding zombies to a classic novel (e.g., Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) and reselling it? #mustbewritten – Jeffrey MacCormack 9 years ago

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