Adnan Syed and the SERIALization of nonfiction narrative

The popular podcast SERIAL by Sarah Koenig made the lives of Baltimore youths fodder for water cooler discussions across the country. What does it mean about us that we obsess over the details while (possibly) forgetting that real lives are affected? Is this a new media? Or is our perverse interest in the agony of others as ancient as society?

  • The allure is in the tiniest belief that we, as the audience, can be the ones to solve the mystery. By going over the details of a real case, all who listen become detectives themselves. Rather than our perverse interest in the agony of others, perhaps it is the hope of finding innocence in a convicted murderer. Perhaps it is society reaching to find the good in someone, whether or not it exists. On the other hand, it may have only been an excellent and clever play to have society question the results of this trial and therefore, influence doubt. With Adnan Syed presently making new development, I'd say the podcast has already benefited him abundantly, no matter what exactly is said of society and our obsessive interest. With Serial being my first podcast listen, I found it enjoyable and would not be surprised if future podcasts receive relative success as well. – Jenna Mae 9 years ago

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