What Does an All Girls Ghostbusters Mean for Storytelling?

With the upcoming reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise with an all female main cast, what does this mean in terms of a more feministically diverse story-telling ability. Is this just a way to pacify those that are fighting for more women to have leading roles in a genre that is dominated by men, or can this be a springboard for the next gender flip on classic characters told in a way that conveys that these stories are wanted by audiences across the board?

  • I was considering suggesting a topic like this myself, but I didn't quite know how to word it. While I am anxious to see how the new (all-Female) Ghostbusters will turn out, along with the recent announcement of a female-centric Ocean's Eleven, I'm concerned if this is going to help or hurt female actors. Because on the one hand, taking one thing that is well-beloved--like Ghostbusters--and changing it as they have has brought on a lot of negative speculation and sexist backlash, which I think would not be quite the same had a female-centric film of some other nature been announced. However, this sort of thing could be the launching point for female-centric films, or films with more female leads in the future. But what will need to happen is this Ghostbusters film needs to present a dynamic between the female cast that is really magnetic, engaging, and lovable, just as the chemistry between the original cast had been, and yet not make it a carbon copy: otherwise, it will feel like a knock-off, and it won't allow the actresses to be set apart as their own characters. So I am both very hopeful, and concerned whether this film will get the results it hopes for. But I am all for films or shows with female leads, because nearly every single one is amazing. "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind," "Kiki's Delivery Service," "When Marnie Was There," "Kill Bill Vol. 1," "Coraline," "The Sound of Music," "Anne of Green Gables," The Legend of Korra," just to name my favorites. – Jonathan Leiter 9 years ago
  • Also don't forget the female Expendabelles hanging on the rumor mill. – wolfkin 9 years ago

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