Amateurish Work Receiving Big Praise

Many times artwork comes across amateurish. This has been ongoing since the beginning of time. Are there films that have made it to the big screen that got more attention than they should have? Did these film concepts appear as something you could’ve easily created yourself?

  • Whoever picks this up should choose the direction they decide to take this one wisely. There are a lot of places a topic this broad could go. From the original description, it looks like the Lauren is looking for a list-type article, but I think an analysis of how individual "amateurish" films got big would be appropriate, as well as an examination of the trend as a whole. – Austin 7 years ago
  • Michael Bay would be a good example here. – Luke Smith 7 years ago
  • Perhaps "Unfriended" would be a good film to analyze? Films that lack actual content. I agree with Luke, Michael Bay would be a great director to discuss. His films tend to lack an actual story and are fluffed up with explosions, fight scenes, and unnecessary romantic interests (*cough* Megan Fox *cough*). – nicolewethington 7 years ago
  • Maybe this should be expanded to other genres. As its premise started with "art" I know that the annoying Orange is my biggest pet peeve. Maybe it even raises homicidal thoughts in me. Perhaps looking at how some of these amateurish process are low budget with lie overhead edging allows companies to see better profit margins much like "Reality TV" trends to Jane lower cost then scripted dramas. – fchery 7 years ago

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