America V Japan: The definition difference when it comes to Otaku

This may have been done before but the development of the word otaku in America is something very different than that in Japan. In Japan the word "otaku" has a very negative connotation given some of the history behind it (Otaku Killer) and may also be associated with Hikiikomori (In essence a social shut in). The American definition of otaku however is near celebrated in some ways. Maybe there are certain Animes that helped or hurt this development? Are there shows that create a different light for someone considered an Otaku?

  • This reminds me of swearing in other languages - a swearword in, say, Korean (for me, as I don't speak Korean) won't have as much of an effect as it would perhaps for a Korean person to hear, as I don't have knowledge of the power behind the world or experiences of its power. Language is very cultural and ideological, words have meanings because we imbue them with meanings, so no word in use is neutral. This is how, I think, the same word can have very different connotations within different cultures. I wonder if there are reverse examples where Japanese people use English words that those in English-speaking majority countries may find more offensive! – Camille Brouard 9 years ago
  • This could lead into some discussion on cultural differences that affect language, especially japanese and english as is relevant to anime watchers, especially subbed. – nsiegel 9 years ago

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