An Ideal Society in Psycho Pass

How do the characters in the anime Psycho Pass define an ideal society? How do they act on those definitions? Here are some more specific questions that could be explored in the article: How does the Sibyl System’s utilitarian implementation of an ideal society (greatest happiness for greatest number of people) affect those living in that society? How do the anime’s characters, such as Makishima, Akane, Kogami, Ginoza, Masaoka, and Shimotsuki, challenge and/or support the Sibyl System’s ideology? Which characters create their own ideas of ideal societies, and how do they act on those ideas? These questions are just some directions that the article could take. The overall theme of an ideal society in Psycho Pass would make quite an interesting article and could be explored in many different ways.

  • If this topic is still open after I complete my current article, I will totally take this. Really, a large portion of this story is the collision of multiple ideals, like Ginoza and his father, Akane and Kogami. Granted, that's where a large portion of any drama comes from, but this show really analyzes them in conjunction with each other, and talks about the necessity of less-noble ideals to empower the noble. I don't want to claim it in case my current articles takes forever and someone else may be interested, but if no one else does, I will! – Christopher Vance 9 years ago
  • I like this topic. It'll be great to see how each character sees the "ideal society" and especially so when you consider the cultural reference each made to the anime (Rousseau, George Orwell, or Beethoven's 9th symphony when they're killing for fun). – Justin Wu 9 years ago
  • If only the actual anime were as good as the ideas and themes it presented (especially the second season)... what a waste :(. In any case, I don't have anything to contribute philosophically, but to whoever picks this up, I think it'd be cool to make a real world connection by seeing where the philosophies for each character came from. It'd be a lot more research, but the result would be a comprehensive article on the backside of the franchise, which would be REALLY COOL. – Austin 9 years ago
  • It would also be interesting for whoever takes this topic to focus on how the general population is placated in the anime. There is a lot to this anime that could be explored in several articles. From the main characters, to the society as whole. – ReluctantChosenOne 9 years ago
  • I heard Psycho Pass was inspired by Plato's Republic. It could be valuable to talk about the roots of Psycho Pass before the article delves into its true topic. I quite enjoyed Psycho Pass and Psycho Pass 2. Akane lives in a world with different values and laws than ours - so her actions are questionable or plainly ridiculous in my eyes. Remember in Psycho Pass when Akane had a chance to do something essential but squandered the opportunity because of her morals/commitment to the law? It killed me. It was an impossible scene to witness. Perhaps that is worth exploring. There a countless ways to approach this. Intriguing! – yase 9 years ago
  • It's sort of obvious that Psycho Pass was influenced greatly by Philip Dick's Minority Report. I think this is going to be a very huge topic to discuss if you intend to write it in character POVs instead of going general, as in what the show aims to argue. – Jill 9 years ago

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