Analyze the difference between chick flicks in the early 2000s vs. Now

Analyze the difference of how chick flicks portray women in the early 2000s vs how they portay women now. The focus will be on the relationships they are apart of and how they interact with men and other women.

  • I really like the idea of this topic. The cultural differences between the early 2000s and now should also be included to further analyze the differences in how women are portrayed in chick flicks. A difference in cultural norms could explain why women are portrayed differently. – TaylorNCampbell 6 years ago
  • You can compare a marylin Monroe chik flick to a chik flick today. – asd5261 6 years ago
  • In terms of how women look from the past to now, I think it's important to add how women were seen as stay at home moms doing just family stuff early on and now they are shown in a career type role in a love story. They are seen as more independent now looking for love where as before dependent on a man looking for love. – Mal415 6 years ago
  • Definitely, the world surrounding romantic comedies has changed vastly from the urban dating landscape of the '90s/early 2000's era, with the assertive women of Sex and the City and Sandra Bullock rom-coms, to the increasingly complex films and tv shows of recent years. I think a recent trend has been that of movies focused on men and women trying, and failing, to just be friends. We have almost gotten to the post-romance era. In the film How to Be Single, the female lead, torn between multiple men, finally ends up with... no one. And this seems to be a culturally acceptable story ending now, the anti-romance. This would be a very interesting exploration! – Claire 6 years ago
  • I wish this topic was one which was talked about more often. The "chick flicks" have changed so much over the past years. You should analyze how woman are starting to be portrayed differently and are starting to become more independent. – sabrinakasymov 6 years ago
  • I like this topic very much. There is definitely a difference in how women are portrayed in film then versus now and much of that can be seen in chick flicks. I feel as though chick flicks in the early 2000's were centered around "cat fights" between two girls fighting for the same guy in an immature and demeaning manner. The chick flicks today center more around pressing issues that women face that can be taken more seriously. – samriley 6 years ago
  • I usually assume that all chick flicks are the same so I love this idea! It will be interesting to see chick flicks analyzed as a respected genre, rather than some to cry and eat ice cream to. – nicodipas 6 years ago
  • You should try the Bechdel test on early chick flicks versus modern ones. I would guess that there are significantly more films from this decade that pass the test. – Amanda 6 years ago

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