Analyzing Evoland: A Touching Game about the History of Games, or a Retro Gameplay Nightmare

Evoland I and II are games by the indie developer Shiro Games and were released in 2013 and 2015. Evoland was inspired by older games in series like Final Fantasy and Zelda, and, it somewhat takes the player through a bit of video game history in its premise. The gameplay, despite the shifts in playstyles that took place, flowed well, according to a reviewer. Evoland II definitely builds on the premise of capturing the feeling of how older games played, and has more mechanics in it than the first game. However, it could be said that there are too many mechanics that contradict and break flow.

For this topic, the topic taker should look into reviews on both games to see if these games set out to capture a truly nostalgic feeling while adding their own twist to the genres the games were influenced by or if something about the older styles of gamplay simply don’t mesh in the modern era of gaming.

The topic taker can consider the following avenues of research for adding foundation to this analysis:

– Consider the history of the video game industry and the limits of technology that affected game mechanics and graphics and whether the current technology is too good to correctly capture how older games played.

– Figure out what the developer intended for their games, if possible, and if they achieved that intention.

– See if there are any other games similar to Evoland that mixes up different kinds of genre and gameplay and see if they are successful or if they fall into the same problems as Evoland.

– If the topic taker has played Evoland and Evoland II, they are free to add in their personal experience with how the games felt as it relates to this topic.

Here are links that might help the topic taker start their research:

Evoland: (link)

Evoland II: (link)

  • They were both on sale for the summer and I almost bought them just so I could write this pitch. – Sunni Rashad 3 days ago

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