Analyzing the Rising Popularity of Visual Novels

Visual novels (VN) are an interactive game genre that originate from Japan where text-based stories are presented in a narrative style of literature and allow for readers to interact as well as decide on the flow of a story. These mixed-media novels have, in recent years, gained more popularity outside of Japan especially through gaming platforms such as Steam. What sets these mixed-media novels apart from other genres such as film, animation, manga, and comics?

  • Love this! Ultimately it contains a visual narrative that a novel just doesn't have. In addition, I have just been reading The three escapes of Hannah Arendt. I have read her philosophy and theory on tyranny and socialism and as everyone knows philosophy is quite hard going at times. The graphic novel is a great starting point and really gets to grips with both her story and philosophies and breaks it down into amazing visual story telling that transcends any language barrier or prior knowledge to her work. It accessible and at the same time demonstrates emotive power and understanding of her background and the tyranny she and others faced under the oppressive facist regime. https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/37941885-the-three-escapes-of-hannah-arendt – Lousands 4 years ago
  • This would definitely be a good idea! I think especially because gaming media is still under the impression that story-based games aren't selling as much as, for example, battle royales or multiplayer games. I would look at big AAA games, like Final Fantasy VII, as the most recent story-based game release. For an indie title, Undertale was a massive one and Little Misfortune, which is a suspenseful horror game that recently made the rounds. – kerrybaps 4 years ago

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