Angel in the house: is she still here?

In Victorian literature, many of the women within the pages of novels and poems fall under the wings of the ‘angel in the house’. Meaning, they are submissive and devoted to their husband/father/some sort of male figure.
But, do you think the angel in the house is gone? Has she returned in modern day texts? Subconsciously, is she still apart of many women in literature today?

  • Love this topic. I hadn't heard of the "angel in the house" before, so thanks for that, too. I do believe she still exists in literature, but has had to modernize herself for the sake of readers who have different views of devotion and submission. Jane Eyre is one such angel that comes to mind. She's from a "classic," and becomes devoted to Rochester. At the same time, she makes it quite clear to him that she has an independent will, expects to be treated as a person, and will take no crap. – Stephanie M. 6 years ago

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