Anime for Children that Didn't Make it to Television

There are many anime aimed toward children, although only a small number of those are aired on televisions in the West. What are some of these series? Why might they not have been aired on television and instead released on DVD only? There is an Answerman on Anime News Network on "Why are anime still censored?" which could be useful to refer to. Fancy Lala, Creamy Mami, Kaleido Star other magical girl series, and maybe even Tamako Market are some examples that could be considered appropriate for that audience.

  • If possible, read "Killing Monsters" by Gerard Jones! – Ian Boucher 8 years ago
  • It would be a curious thing to know what quality parts of the anime allowed for translations in other countries, with the U.S. being a notable recipient. It might be a decent idea for someone to study the background of countries that aired the anime (perhaps who aired the show and what the demographic are watching), to see what distinct traits might be consistent with the argument. – N.D. Storlid 8 years ago
  • I definitely agree with this. There are a number of children's anime that came out in Italy and France, for example, that didn't make it here. Maybe there is more of an audience for them in those countries? – Jordan 8 years ago

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