Anime on the Rise

Does anybody else feel like anime is slowly becoming more popular? What is it about anime that makes us so excited, so emotional, so drawn into the story and the lives of the characters? What are the ways that anime can make society a better place…and what are the ways people can take the lessons or ideals of anime and misinterpret them? It’s an important question, especially since anime is on the rise. How will it affect us?

  • I would make sure that there's some actual data to back this up before trying to write this. I feel like anime has become more popular, but I've also only come into anime in the last few years, so I have a very warped view based on my own shifting awareness. This could become too subjective very easily, so I would pull in some cold, hard facts to give the article a solid argument. You might be able to acquire such data from websites such as myanimelist. The data might be hard to get, but I would be willing to help anyone who wants to write this article. PM me if you need help finding the data or crunching numbers. – OddballGentleman 9 years ago
  • I think you have a point here. I actually watched anime a decent bit before this recent boom in popularity. Just five-six years ago admitting to liking anime or manga was a bit of a taboo. So I agree that you need data, but I don't think finding that data or making that assertion will be difficult. However, something to keep in mind that not all anime, just not like all shows, are good. There has been a lot of controversy over anime lately, as there has been more of a demand, there has been more of a turnout. But quantity doesn't equal quality, and many people have noticed an increase objectification of young girls and women in shows, as well as more sexually inappropriate themes. Remember: Japan is not a Western culture, they have different standards and different philosophies. A good example is the fact that the age of consent in Japan in 13, and objectification of young girls is common. So there can be problematic elements in anime as well. You even have one of the biggest creators of anime and a huge influence on Western culture commenting that 'anime was a mistake'. Now, I don't necessarily agree with this, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a legitimate reason to say this. There are some great things that anime can turn out, one of my favorite shows for example is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. So when examining ideals and misinterpretation keep in mind that quality isn't always going to be up to par, and that some of this boom in popularity may not be for the better. – MIKAILARUSHING 9 years ago

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