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Anime that deserved another season

There are many reasons that different anime series succeed or fail, and this can have a great bearing on whether we get to see more than one season of each show. For every run-away success, and every hit that you just can’t see the appeal of, you can guarantee that there will be at least one series that you love even though it was ratings failure. The problem then becomes that you would just love to see a second or third season, but it never materializes.

Successes such as Spice and Wolf were certainly more than worthy of another run, but with the source material having finished, there can be little hope now of the world being revisited. Then of course, there’s those older series such Gunsmith Cats that never really had a fair shake of the stick to begin with but had material that was perfectly suitable for adaption.

Meanwhile, the current market is full of lesser known series. Dogs: Bullets and Carnage saw an anime adaption of its original four one shots, but the ever growing storyline has yet to appear outside the manga. By now, it would be natural to doubt that we’ll see the rest reach the screen. Traversely, there is still hope for some others. D-Frag! Continues its popular madcap ways in ‘Monthly Comic Alive’ and the recent OVA could well be a hint at a further run.

But which shows did you think deserved more time on screen?

  • Too much first-person, and not enough explanations as to why these few series deserved another season. They're also all based on the sole reason that there's more source material. Shouldn't anime-only series have higher priority to get more seasons, since adapted material can be continued outside of the adaptation if the audience goes to the source? The use of AMVs to explain the 'feel' of a show could work if they were embedded instead of linked to. – JekoJeko 8 years ago
  • I think Dead Note deserved another season, but I can hardly imagine how it would be possible to do it without harming the story... So I have mixed feelings about that. – Paul Iago 8 years ago

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