Anime That Fit into US and European TV Genres

Write a list of anime television series which may not have been big cross-over hits like Attack on Titan and Full Metal Alchemist, but probably could work as popular series in this market. Series that come to my mind are Eden of the East, Paranoia Agent, Terror in Resonance (mystery series), High School of the Dead (zombies), Maison Ikkoku, Nana, Usagi Drop, Kaleido Star and other sports anime (soaps), Dance with Devils (fantasy), Sound Euphonium (music)… any others that come to mind may be added, but try to avoid anime-only genres such as mecha, ecchi (too much of it anyway) and magical girls.

  • Before you got to the examples, one of the series that was screaming in my mind was indeed Eden of the East. It is series like these not are not only easier to relate to a US/European audience but also make it easier for them to watch as it becomes more relative. – Kevin Mohammed 8 years ago
  • Great to hear you agree! That show is fantastic. – Jordan 8 years ago
  • A bit concerned about calling 'zombies' and 'music' TV genres - that makes the article swing more towards the realm of finding shows that remind us of Western shows (The Walking Dead being the case in point for the former). Unless that's the point. In fact, a guide correlating a really popular Western show to a few anime, popular or not, could help shed light on how the moe side of things isn't all that different to whatever you're planning to binge on Netflix tomorrow. I'd happily try to put that together. – JekoJeko 8 years ago

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