Are Nielsen Ratings Still Relevant?

This would require some research and probably a good handle on statistical analysis, but I would love to see an article on how Nielsen ratings cover the new television marketplace in comparison to how they worked when "tv" was three channels. How do modern Nielsen techniques account for Netflix, people who only watch the DVD collections, or torrent streaming? Do DVRs "report" which shows are live-viewed and which are time-delayed? And most importantly, how much effect do the Nielsens still have w/r/t to which shows are cancelled and which remain? Are cutting edge shows being dismissed because their fans are accessing them through non-traditional means?

  • This would be an interesting article, especially for those who are unfamiliar with how the Nielsen rating system works. You could begin by writing how the Nielsen rating system began, and perhaps argue how, at times, Nielsen ratings are often imprecise. – Amanda Dominguez-Chio 9 years ago

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