Are Reboots Necessary?

DC Comics’ Crisis On Infinite Earths was a much needed cleanup of their super-hero universe when published in 1984. However, there has been sequels and attempts to re-initialize the DCU that has been unnecessary and makes fans irate. Was New 52 necessary? Why Convergence? Is continuity a much needed factor to appeal to an audience?

  • They usually do this to boost up sails, and they also have reboots to give new comers a fresh start in to DC universes. Take the New 52 for example: while they may have introduced different origins for the character for new comers, they really did isolate loyal DC fans, who did not like the unnecessary changes that in a way kind of ruined the characters. – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago
  • There's a helpful comparison to make between the current Convergence Reboot and New 52. Both seem to be done out of reactionary concerns to the market. This piece seems incredibly well suited to the current happening between DC's Convergence and Marvel's Secret Wars. – Pixelfaded 9 years ago

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