Are there any "Super" Frontiers left?

With the growth of the Super hero industry in television and cinema, from the DC’s expanded universe to Marvel’s Avengers to the upcoming Suicide Squad and the recent film Deadpool, it seems that many of the frontiers that were once so tantalizing are making their way into the mainstream. With so much public exposure to the diversity of what the world of super heroes and villains have to offer, one wonders where might the industry be heading next? Indeed, is there any room left in the public’s psyche for new stories while the film and television industry are pulling so heavily from the huge pool of established canon? And with some of the more fringe elements of the comic book world, such as Deadpool and Suicide Squad making headline appearances, what would it take for a new work to be considered an "edgy" or "novel" idea?

  • You're asking a good question. I wonder if "Sex Criminals" as an adaptation would push buttons, or is it just the title that makes it seem that way. – MattDube 8 years ago

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