Are We Inclusive or Sensitive?

Analyze how that in recent movies and TV shows, there seems to be an increase of inclusive characters and current event topics that make a temporary or permanent appearance in these shows and novels. Some people believe that this shows that society is moving closer to accepting and including everyone equally; others believe that some shows or movies do not need to be inclusive all the time, or current events do not always need to be tied into everything.

Consider comparing TV show characters’ dynamics and demographics from early 2000s to now, and even looking at how the dialogue between these characters has changed. What did someone say on TV 10 years ago that we cannot mention now?

  • While addressing this issue take note of tokenism. It's especially apparent in sitcoms from the late 90's and early 2000's. Have we moved past token characters to more nuanced and genuine ones? If so, where is it done well? – Zuzia 3 years ago
  • It's a firm belief of mine that there should be a reason behind what race/gender/sexuality you choose to make a character, because it should have a significant baring on their personality, experiences, and reasoning. Avoiding the trap of tokenism by not having 'the gay character' or 'the black character' is important. Write to make a good story - don't write to fill a fill a hole because all you'll do is shovel shit. – Jacob J. 3 years ago
  • This article could touch on the reaction to inclusivity. Does affirmative action make us look at media with certain individuals with more respect, understanding and normativity or does it cause us to assume they only achieved that position because they look/identify a certain way? – Emiris 3 years ago

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