Are women sidekicks in American TV always going to be expendable? Read: Castle

I read a Jezebel article with a title that sums it up best: "To Save Money on a TV Show, Just Get Rid of the Women." Thankfully, Castle was cancelled before they were able to implement this change. But when news broke that Some Genius decided to get rid of female lead Stana Katic, many fans were understandably pissed. Katic’s character Kate Beckett had been central to the show since the very beginning, and the dynamic between her and Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) was the glue that held it together (although arguably it jumped the shark several seasons ago). It seemed absurd to suddenly off her after eight seasons. That being said, is it really that surprising that (amid rumours of her feuds with Fillion on set), the producers decided it would be feasible to keep going and tactlessly fire the Important Woman Actor, instead of just ending the show’s already too-long run? (Also note: fellow Actress and Woman Tamala Jones was set to depart Castle after the eighth season.)

  • There is a long history of expendable women characters such as Suzanne Somers from Three's Company and Farrah Fawcett from Charlie's Angels from the 70s. So true. – Munjeera 8 years ago

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