Art Evaluation: What Makes Art So Expensive?

In what ways is it determined that a Van Gogh sells for $152 million or a Picasso for $158 million?

  • Like this idea. Would recommend author to look at art prices throughout the centuries. Have they always been high, or is this a more recent occurrence? – Ashley Allen 7 years ago
  • It might also be worth looking at whether genre influences the price flux throughout the centuries too - like if mainstream popularity automatically = high price. – Hannah Spencer 7 years ago
  • It would also be cool to look at the psychology behind this. Why would someone, for instance pay more for a jersey worn by someone famous than the same jersey brand new? Why is an exact replica of a famous painting much less expensive than the original. I guess the question I'm really getting at is that of authenticity. How to we derive value based on authenticity and why is it so important? – dannyjs 7 years ago

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