Aspects of a Writer's Life in Fictional Work

To what extent do you think a writer’s experience (life, personal, certain events) shapes their fictional work? I always like to ponder what aspects of a fictional piece is relatable or true to the author. Of course their are many reasons that shape an authors work, whether it be inspiration from other pieces of work, a dream which has expanded into a novel, or just a thought that popped into their head. If you write fictional pieces, can you see pieces of your life experience sewed into them?

  • I think this is a fundamental truth in fiction writing. No matter how detached the author is from the character/situation there will always be some residue of the authors experiences and life choices that subconsciously find their way into the work. – ReidaBookman 7 years ago
  • I think this connection is sort of inevitable in any writing. This is why the separation of art and artist can be so difficult for some. In the same way, I think many writers, (including myself) use writing as a form of personal therapy. – wcbraymen 7 years ago
  • It depends on the topic of fiction, but ultimately writers can attach themselves to the characters, the story line, the setting and the morals of the fictional work, especially if they are writing in a form that is appealing and truthful to themselves, consciously and subconsciously. – HollyDavidson 7 years ago
  • Love this topic. I find it hard to write anything fictional without relating it back to my life and experiences in some way. I don't believe an author can truly be 100% detached from anything they write, and if they are, there's no magic. – CarliStas 6 years ago

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