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Attack on Titan Live Action Ditches off Levi! (..and more)

For an anime as popular as Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin), it’s easy to see how a live adaptation is on the way.

Even months before it was officially aired in and out of Japan, the hype in various media platforms as regards to its live adaptation is superb. Avid anime fans start to search for its initial character list. Who will play our main guy, Eren? How about the badass Mikasa? Can someone carry out her role well?

But if there’s one important question about the film, it would have to be: Who is playing Levi ?- the one who is tagged by the manga and anime version as ‘humanity’s strongest’.

Yes, Eren is our main guy. He’s that person where this whole story seems to revolve around. His struggles, determination to fight, and willpower to survive is admirable – worthy of emulation at its best. But let’s face it. The few minutes when LEVI-HEICHOU first showed up was among the most unforgettable and thrilling scenes we’ve ever witnessed.

Thus, it’s only appropriate to expect something out of how the film creators would portray our corporal’s distinct role in the series. It’s something to get excited about.

Yet, we’re left wondering: Where did Levi-heichou go?

  • The film seems to have divided people so much online. I thought the trailer looked pretty impressive to be far, but I'm not sure how I'd get on with the changes made. – mattdoylemedia 9 years ago
  • Right. The trailer's undeniably impressive. Well, it was the directors prerogative. Perhaps bringing to life the actual stuff that took place on the anime was that difficult. .. – SayameYuna 9 years ago
  • Levi's one of my favorite characters! I hope they didn't really get rid of him. – Jordan 9 years ago

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