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    Bayonetta as a Feminist Character

    Analyze the negative reception of Bayonetta’s attire, behavior, in the games she is featured. She is resurfaced as a playable character in the Newest Smash game, and though she is provocatively dressed and mischevious in morals, it can be argued that she is well aware of these qualities and is not being forced to dress this way. Therefore this character isn’t a sexist interpretation because the character is aware and okay with who she is. Her appearance represents her expression of self, not a female character with no reason wearing revealing armor.

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      Violence, if incorporated correctly, can be a nice addition to an anime (or game’s story). Tokyo Ghoul is an excellent example of violence included in anime. Kaneki starts off as very sweet and naive and my recollection of the first season, he wanted peace between the Ghoul factions and didn’t want to hurt anyone. However, the torture in which you mention, destroy him. The cruel world infects him to the core. This transformation is powerful and the violence explains it quite well. Attack on Titan thrives on violence as well because it is a dystopian setting where humanity is inbetween periods of hope and despair. The first episode is by far one of the most disturbing but powerful in an anime’s debut. Because it had purpose. Not to say violence can’t be included freely, but it needs to have a purpose. Elfen Lied seemed extremely uncessecary and overly simplicsti. While Chi’s spieces is not human, and the treatment they have been given can explain the violence they cause so easily, it’s overkill (no pun intended). It does not, however, explain the demented nature of the children. They are, for all intents and purposes, human and its just not believable to have them commit such an atrocity. But indeed this was necessary in order to “justify” Chi’s killing of them.

      Violence in Anime: Helpful or a Hindrance?

      Excellent article! As someone who essentially wanted to marry Yugi in my youth, the show I watched every Saturday morning, was incredibly censored. However there were some elements of the orginal that had to creep through in order to have somewhat of a contrsucted plot. Two particular things that come to mind is the infamous “Shadow Realm” which looking back now as an older adult, the pieces connected that the Shadow Realm was essentially the anime’s interpretation of Hell. Another disturbing image I recall from the show, and was included in the 4kids dub of it, was Mai Valentine in the hour glass. I believe she loses a vital duel and goes into a coma. But from Mai’s internal dream, she is encased in a giant hour glass, sand slowly consuming her body as she pounds on the glass helplessly trying to get her friend’s attention, to no avai. There’s is also the grusome nature of Marik’s childhood, which I don’t recall how it transpired in the show’s english relese, but for some reason that image of Mai really terrorized me as a child.

      Yu-Gi-Oh!: Terrifying or Inspiring?

      While I do agree, there are many seemingly hopeless protagonists I find disagreement with the primary demographic mentioned for shounen anime, as well as Naruto being a idiot is not a fair example. Shounen has a diverse audience of female viewers as well as male. Additionally, as someone who watched Naruto (the original series entirely) I didn’t find myself thinking “this character is unintelligent”.Another component to consider is: age of the character. Adult characters on sitcoms are usually middle-aged or high-school college age. Naruto in the first part of the entire franchise is approximately 12 years of age. While Boruto maybe a valid arugment because both his parents are alive, one must remember Naruto lacked a intimate rolemodel and had to learn everything on his own. He had no parents to help him practice or study. In my opinion, what “less intelligent” characters mean to convey is that you may not be great at something right away and that is okay. People may ridiucule you but they don’t determine your worth or your limit. Naruto shows that with his immense hardwork and dedication. I can’t speak for Luffy, as I have not watched or read One Piece. Your article was very interesting and i enjoyed reading it though.

      Stupid Anime Characters