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    How significant is popularity at the initial release of a film in making the film a long-time classic?

    Most films that are released and gain popularity quickly remain popular with the general public for a long time, but others are initially criticized and later become classics. Are most of the classic films members of the former or of the latter? Why do some movies become classics over time and others carry their initial popularity throughout time? Essentially, how powerful is the influence of a film having an excellent release to the public?

    • Understanding this has been the film industry's philosopher's stone. From what it seems, films that are initially successful opening weekend are so because they either have a very popular or very well advertised pre-existing intellectual property. Outside of that, having big talent attached or being backed by a strong enough concept are reasons enough for a film to make its money back opening weekend. Usually what gives a film lasting appeal is its story or influence on future generations. If I had to guess, a cult classic is born when the work is more relevant to future generations or when incredibly famous people admit to being influenced by it. Or in rare cases, --yet will become much more common as more people create for online-- a work gets overshadowed and becomes outright forgotten. – Travis Cohen 9 years ago

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    Thanks for writing this post. I’ve been really excited about this movie coming out and it’s nice to have all the information in one place. Nice job!

    Fantastic Beasts and How to Film Them

    I am a huge fan of FMA, and I have to say that you nailed this piece. This is a topic that I’ve often thought about with this show because of my background in both science and religion and it was wonderful to see the same discussion on this site. The organization and analysis were top notch, and really emphasized that this meld of science and religion continued from beginning to end in the series. Most importantly though, was the conclusion in the anime that neither side is wrong or right, which perfectly mirrored your own conclusion. Nicely done!

    Full Metal Alchemist: Science vs Religion

    Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite animes, and I’m glad to see you handle it right. Seeing the juxtaposition of plot and filler in this list truly brings out the power of this show and what makes it a classic. It also helps to see Pierrot le Fou here, seeing as it’s one of my top three. 😉

    Cowboy Bebop: Top Ten Essential Episodes

    This topic is ingenious and current, and it’s obvious that you have done plenty of research, but I think you could even go so far as to discuss just characters with canonical autism and determine how well they were portrayed or characters that appear to have autistic characteristics and perhaps why that wasn’t canonically revealed. I would love to see a more in depth discussion on this topic with more pinpointed subject matter.

    Autism In Modern Media

    Never thought to consider how prose changes once the writer has lost their sight. I had no idea of the incredible difference between their writing abilities because of the significance of their own vision. A very cool article, and written well. I really liked the chronological organization of the authors.

    From Homer to Fante: Blindness and Literary Vision