I'm a 19 year old university student double majoring in psychological science and creative writing.

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    Sharpay Evans: High School Villain or Hardworking Young Woman?

    In High School Musical, the villain often identified is Sharpay Evans, but is she really the villain? We come to see her as the villain because she is constantly trying to win her place in the school’s musical by ruining Troy and Gabriella’s chances. But there are many things we don’t think about till later on such as: Sharpay’s dedication to her schools drama club, the unfairness of Troy and Gabriella’s call-back when they didn’t technically audition, and even the fact that the story is told from the point of view of the more popular characters. Sharpay fromt he beginning of the story was considered alike to a "mountain lion", something that can be cute but you definitely wouldn’t pet. So, is she a villain?

    • Might be interesting to look at Sharpay Evans through the frame of how films portray successful or hard-working, determined women, rather than looking at it in a vacuum. – Zohal99 6 years ago

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    While I consider myself a Marvel fan rather than a DC fan, it has always been undoubtedly true that DC has many greater villains. Though Marvel succeeded with some of their villains, my favourite being Loki for multiple reasons, the DC universe villains are just creepier and are much more enjoyable to hate.

    That being said I also don’t believe Loki to be a “villain” in the franchise. His character, through the movies he was in, slowly became more of an antihero than anything. And it’s become a bit of a debate between fans with theories suggesting things like his relative age or that he was controlled in Avengers by his Sceptre to carry out the attack on Midgard. There is so many aspects of Loki’s character that make him so much more than a Villain.

    The Marvel Cinematic Villains: What Makes a Memorable Antagonist?

    Fanfiction writers are sometimes given a bad reputation, and it is mostly because of fanfics like the infamous “My Immortal”, that is known for it’s incredibly inaccurate portrayals of Harry Potter characters and it’s terrible grammar, that they are given this. When delving deeper into the world of fanfiction, there are some truly amazing, original pieces. A lot of fanfic writers use the characters and world but make their own stories with them, alike to someone using puppets and a cardboard background. It is unfair to judge their writing on the themes or genres or if they’re writing something using someone else’s characters and worlds. As long as they don’t try to sell them as their own, what’s the harm? These writers often use their fanfiction as practise pieces or as a way of expressing what they wanted to happen or even just to share their love of the characters and world. I, myself, wrote fanfiction before I moved onto my own original pieces, and I did it more as a way to insert myself into a world I loved more than anything than to steal or change the story. And people of the same fandoms enjoy reading fanfiction about what they like as well. One of my closest friends spends her time reading fanfiction instead of an actual book.

    Fanfictions - Delusions or Expressions of Admiration?

    It is true, I think, that people can love fictional characters. The article raised some great points and the whole argument is put into words perfectly. There are a few characters I’m particularly fond of, but it can be hard to define. It would be interesting to delve deeper and consider what type of love it is when somebody says “I love this character, but I don’t condone their actions and they deserve what’s coming to them”. Sometimes it can be difficult to define the love under one subtitle.

    Can You Really Fall In Love With a Fictional Character?