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    Strength in Numbers: Kiznaiver and its Various Relationships

    Analyse how the different types of relationships between the main 8 characters of Kiznaiver create empathy, or the lack thereof.

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      Latest Comments

      There are some strange capitalisations (for example, “anime” does not need to be capitalised) and there’s a few typos present (the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya character is called Koizumi if you choose to call him by that name). You should be consistent with how you use names, as you’ve used Yuki’s first name but Mikuru’s and Itsuki’s last names. If you’re going for a more professional approach, maybe rework the piece so that it doesn’t ask for relatability, yet still allows the content to shine – calling something or someone “weird” is too informal for a professional piece.

      Slice of Life Anime: Insane Sanity

      A good article with nice in-depth looks into each addressed character, but there is a typo in the last sentence and there is a “to” missing early on.

      How D. Gray-man Challenges Readers to Look Deeper

      I think it’s great how you connected manga to soft power, but you haven’t quite fully addressed the issue. You missed how in the older audiences, it’s split into josei and seinen manga, and maybe you could have talked about dialogue, specific framings and other visual techniques that entice readers. You seem to specifically be focussing on girls, so the article title is somewhat misleading as it implies you will be addressing the genders and genres equally. If you weren’t aiming for the focus on female manga readers, then maybe a “gender in manga” article would have worked instead.

      Manga: The Hidden Treasure in America