A 24 year old, male, English Writing major, looking to write for video games, to pursue my passions and do what I love best!

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    Pokemon - A Children's Game or An Advanced Strategic and Tactically Driven Game For Experienced Gamers?

    I’m sure that you’ve all heard it before: "Pokemon? That’s a child’s game. Call of Duty/Battlefield are adult games!" While I do believe that Pokemon games have started out to be just a game for only a child audience, I can’t help but feel that the games have taken a complete shift in audience growth. You will notice many older audiences playing Pokemon and not just playing it but knowing the more complexities of the mechanics within the games that children have no idea nor any concept of. For example, IV’s and EV’s were something that pretty much were non-existent in the minds of players when Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green Versions were released (as well as Yellow). These new mechanics in the games revolutionized the way players interacted with each other to a whole new level of complexity. Before it used to be "Trade me your level 100 Mewtwo for my level 50 Mew." But nowadays we have players talking like this: "I’ll trade you my Shiny Bulbasaur with it’s hidden ability for your Ditto with maxed IV’s and EV’s!" Not only that but with the addition of new battle methods such as double, triple, rotation and even inverse battles the inclusion of these stats affecting IV’s and Ev’s have driven players to catch multiple of the same Pokemon just to get even one that has at the very least one or two IV/EV’s maxed out. Those are the Pokemon that have the best chances of becoming either a wall or sweeper in online battles. So, are these games more children friendly still? Or is Nintendo secretly turning their consumers into full blown tacticians and strategists?

    • I feel that pokemon can appeal to different audiences, which is why it's a popular franchise. You can either enjoy it casually or seriously, so there's no right or wrong way to play it. I know Fire Emblem is also a strategy game, but compared to Pokemon, there is no pressure to EV train if you don't want to. It really depends how seriously the player wants improve their team. – YsabelGo 9 years ago

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    While I liked the hilariousness of the humor from Angel Beats, it was the emotional and deep story driven backgrounds of each of the member’s pasts that kept me hooked on the anime.

    While I cried many times through the heartbreaking past stories and heartfelt acceptance of their lives, I cried heavily at the very end when Kanade refused to share her feelings with Otonashi due in part to her realizing that she would find peace and leave him.

    Then him trying to stop her after realizing the same thing. Their happiness was turned to fear and sadness from because in order to achieve their happiness it meant that they would never see each other again, supposedly.

    Honestly, it’s my most favorite anime of all time because of all of the elements and emotions I was able to see and feel.

    Anime and its Commentary on Childhood Death

    Minecraft is compelling millions because it has a simple look, simple objective, is a simple idea…for the most part. Minecraft is simple in the way that you need to gather materials to survive and craft many more materials from the more basic kinds just to further progress and survive longer within the game.

    However, the game has complex mechanics when it comes to the many incredibly fascinating structures that the player can create out of nearly everything around them. Not to mention that you can create many wonderfully interesting mechanics through the use of redstone contraptions.

    So now with the simple gathering, crafting and building concepts along with the bright colors and block shapes you can gather kids as an audience for this game. Then you have the more complex mechanics of the game that attract the more advanced and skillful video gamers.

    Are the graphics as aesthetically appealing as these HD graphics and lifelike, detailed characters from the Call of Duty, Batman Arkham Series, and every other popular console/PC games that are out on the market now? Quite honestly, no. However, not everyone is looking for detailed looking games now. It’s the challenge of progressing and accomplishing new achievements in any game that attracts us gamers to all types of games no matter the simplicity or childish the look of the game. It’s the content itself that matters, not just the cover. Hence, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    How is Minecraft captivating millions?

    Quite honestly I loved the idea of Origins. Yes, I disliked that a huge chunk of Red’s adventures were cut off at many parts but the concept and idea of it makes this old time Pokemon lover fall in love with Pokemon all over again. Though I haven’t read all of the manga for Pokemon, I remember reading a portion where Red used a TM (Technical Machine) on a Pokemon and it was in the shape of a cube that can be split in half.

    Red placed each half next to the ears of the Pokemon and light, that seemed to emit from electrical machine circuitry from within the two halves of the cube, glowed brightly next to the Pokemon and that’s how it learned a new move. I really wished that the Pokemon series had shown this and, if they ever decide to expand on Origins (hopefully), they could show this technique of learning new moves in the shows.

    Also, I’m quite sure that everyone would love to see an animated reenactment of the showdown between Red and Gold on Mt. Silver! I mean to see the struggle of climbing to the deepest depths of the dangerous mountain just to find and challenge the legendary trainer himself? Epic!

    Pokemon Origins (2013) Review: The Best Thing to Happen to Pokemon in Too Long