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    I immediately thought of Brienne in Game of Thrones as I was reading your article. I haven’t read the books, but in the show she’s intensely loyal and plays the supporting character role in many people’s lives. I hadn’t thought of supporting characters being important because people can relate to them but now that you’ve pointed it out, I can see the connection. Overall very well written article, I enjoyed it!

    Supporting Characters: Are They More Important Than The Lead Roles?

    Interesting article, though I would have enjoyed more of a discussion on why the artist would remain a one-hit wonder in relation to the type of song they produced or historical context, not just because of the statistics.

    One-Hit Wonders in the New Decade

    I love Girls, it’s one of my favorite shows. It was interesting to read your take on the males on the show and how you can relate to them. I wish there had been more about Charlie because although he’s not on the show anymore, even when was I feel that no one ever talks about him in articles. I think Charlie is significant because he reverses the gender roles. Where we usually see females portrayed as clingy girlfriends, Charlie steps in as the clingy, sensitive guy. It was a refreshing twist on a male character just as Adam is a refreshing twist. And while I know your article was based on your ability to identify with the males and therefore enjoy Girls, I think it would be interesting to look at if you identify with the female characters at all, especially after you’ve been with them for three seasons. Why or why not? As a female, I can identify greatly with different parts of the male characters yet one rarely sees discussions about males identifying with female characters.

    Why Boys Should Watch 'Girls'

    Food Inc. is a great example of a documentary that positions itself as a whistle-blower. And I definitely think it was a issue that needed to be told, so I’m glad the filmmakers valued the truth and wanted to open audiences eyes to the harsh realities of our food production. This article made me think of Blackfish too as that film certainly opened a lot of people’s eyes to what was really going at SeaWorld. I like how you pointed out the difference between Assanage and Brockovich and how the media often sways our assumptions. Especially when films come out based on whistleblowers viewers may think they’re getting the whole picture but that’s not always the case as films can change the story to suit their needs. I’m also glad that you pointed out that while documentaries have more of a chance to be unbiased as opposed to fictional films, documentaries do have agendas. Often people equate documentaries with objective realities but docs are just as biased and often times, they should be.

    The Whistleblower in Film: Hero or Traitor?

    is saw considered a horror film, if so i’m curious what category it falls under?

    Horror: The Ugly Duckling of Cinema

    First off, great excerpt! It definitely drew me in and made me want to read the article. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Sherlock, and I’m not a huge fan but I’m interested in anything regarding feminism.

    Irene Adler: Forever Feminist

    Ah the Bechdel Test, so important! While I’m all for media portrayals of women that focus on more than their sexual relationships, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with this. Women conversing about relationships are not meaningless, it’s merely overdone. What needs to be focused on is that there should more facets of women portrayed in the media, not the exclusion of one type. I wouldn’t want to see movies only about women superhero movies anymore than I would want to see movies that are only about female relationships. The goal should be to broaden the genre, not trade one subject for another. As a woman, I’m interested in many things and the media should reflect that. Like how 2 Broke Girls focuses on their friendship and their business.

    2 Broke Girls: A Study in Polarisation

    That is a good example! Especially since even though she falls for partner, and it shows her in sexual relationships, the story is both about her yearning for companionship of any form (not purely sexual, but just trying to connect with someone) and taking down a serial killer. That movie is a good way to show how movies don’t have to completely cut out the love-element, but also not make it the focus.

    6 Female-Centered Movies That Don't Revolve Around Love